On-Site Seminars and Consulting

Statistical Horizons offers public courses and provides on-site seminars, training, and consulting services. We provide participants and clients with a solid understanding of advanced statistical methods. At Statistical Horizons, we realize that your time and money are valuable resources. In an attempt to satisfy all of our customer needs, we will come to you to present one of our many short seminars.

Along with on-site seminars, we offer statistical consulting for various business and government entities, non-profit organizations, and academic institutions. Our clients have included pharmaceutical companies, financial institutions, insurance companies, and banks. For a complete list of the areas that we cover click here.

On-site seminars can be targeted to the specific needs of your organization. This gives you the ability to choose a suitable time and location. Having Statistical Horizons come to you, can present a substantial cost savings compared with sending a large number of participants to a public seminar. These on-site seminars are not only convenient and cost efficient, but they are also tailored specifically to your requirements so your organization sees real-life practical results. 

Bringing your staff together for a Statistical Horizons on-site course provides many benefits to the organization including an increased shared knowledge base and the ability to apply the latest statistical methods to solve present-day problems. These seminars include examples of practical application and utilize problem-solving techniques. Organizations that can benefit from an on-site seminar and consulting include government organizations, academic institutions, non-profit organizations, and businesses.

We are also able to provide one-on-one consulting and assistance on special projects. We can provide this as a stand alone service or in conjunction with an on-site seminar. Whether you are in the field of pharmaceuticals, business, public policy, finance or another arena, we have vast experience offering statistical solutions and data analysis to clients. 

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For immediate assistance, please call 1-610-715-0115.

Statistical Horizons is proud to have worked with a wide variety of individuals and businesses. A representative list of our clients include:

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Bank of America

Capital One

Fannie Mae

Independence Blue Cross

Edwards Lifesciences

Travelers Insurance

Harvard University

University of Bologna

Glaxo SmithKline


Syracuse University

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Wayne State University

Princeton University

University of Turku


Bowling Green State University

Cornell University

Ohio State University

AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals

Purdue Pharmaceuticals

Summit Consulting

American Express

University of Toronto

Federal Trade Commission 

Guttmacher Institute

Outcome Insights Inc.

Consortium on Chicago School Research


University of Tilburg

National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health

University of Cologne


William M. Mercer, Inc.

Erste Bank AG

University of Calgary

California Department of Motor Vehicles

Pennsylvania State University


Washington State Office of Financial Management

Fleet Credit Card Services

School District of Philadelphia


Quintiles, Inc.

Cyber Dialogue

U.S. Bureau of the Census

Axcess Financial  

Wells Fargo

University of Limerick

U.S. Army Research Institute