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Donald Hedeker

Donald Hedeker, Ph.D., is Professor of Biostatistics in the Department of Public Health Sciences at the University of Chicago. His research focuses on development and dissemination of statistical models for clustered and longitudinal data analysis.

Hedeker’s main expertise is in the development and use of advanced statistical methods for clustered and longitudinal data, with particular emphasis on multilevel or mixed-effects models. He is the primary author of several freeware computer programs for mixed-effects analysis: MIXREG for normal-theory models, MIXOR for dichotomous and ordinal outcomes, MIXNO for nominal outcomes, and MIXPREG for counts.  In 2008, these programs were restructured into the Supermix software program distributed by Scientific Software, Inc.

With Robert Gibbons, Don is the author of the text Longitudinal Data Analysis published by Wiley in 2006.  More recently, Don has developed methods for intensive longitudinal data, resulting in the freeware MIXREGLS program.

In 2000, Don was named a Fellow of the American Statistical Association, and he is an Associate Editor for Statistics in Medicine and Journal of Statistical Software. In 2015, Don was awarded the  Long-Term Excellence award from the Health Policy Statistics Section of the American Statistical Association. He was also elected to the International Statistical Institute.

You can visit his university webpage here.

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