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Distinguished Speaker Series

Broaden your statistical horizons with our newest offering, the Distinguished Speaker Seminar Series. These short, 3-hour seminars are taught by some of the most prominent and innovative scholars in the field.

Expand your horizons

Stay up-to-date on relevant topics as you get up close and personal with these esteemed statisticians. Gain unique insights and perspectives as they share their expertise on critical issues and new developments. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your understanding as you learn from the best.

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Past seminars


Multilevel Modeling for Design and Analysis

Traditional statistical methods need to be updated when we move beyond simple models of random sampling, constant effects, and accurate measurements. In this seminar, we consider general challenges of design and analysis in a world of nonrandom samples, varying treatment…

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Matching Methods for Observational and Experimental Causal Inference

We will discuss how to detect and ameliorate model dependence, where small, indefensible changes in model specification have large, perhaps unintended impacts on our conclusions. Easy-to-use matching methods for both observational and experimental data will be discussed.

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Mediation Analysis: Nearly 100 Years of Progress

This lecture focuses on linear models of mediation, in which both the mediator and the outcome variable are measured at the interval level. Considerable attention is devoted to dealing with confounding and measurement error in mediational analyses, focusing on design,…

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