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At Statistical Horizons, you can learn the latest statistical methods in an efficient, affordable and enjoyable manner. We offer short seminars on a wide variety of popular statistical methods—methods that are not offered in many graduate programs. Our instructors are all well-known experts in their fields. They are also outstanding teachers who are highly skilled at making statistics understandable.

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Power Analysis and Sample Size Planning with Christopher Aberson, December 3-5. Learn to determine the sample size needed for detecting effects across a wide range of research designs.

Computer Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis with Corey Abramson, December 10-12. Provides both a conceptual background and practical experience in computer-assisted qualitative data analysis (CAQDA) using ATLAS.ti. 

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Introduction to Mediation, Moderation, and Conditional Process Analysis taught by Andrew Hayes returns from November 13-December 11. Learn about the underlying principles and the practical applications of mediation and moderation methods at your own pace.

Longitudinal Data Analysis Using Structural Equation Modeling taught by Paul Allison from November 30-December 28. This seminar develops a methodology that integrates two widely used approaches to the analysis of longitudinal data: cross-lagged panel analysis and fixed effects analysis. 

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Felix Elwert
Felix Elwert, PhD., is Romnes Professor of Sociology and Professor of Biostatistics and Population Health Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Donald Hedeker
Donald Hedeker, Ph.D., is a Professor of Biostatistics in the Department of Public Health Sciences at the University of Chicago.

Stephen Vaisey
Stephen Vaisey, Ph.D. is Professor of Sociology and Political Science and the Director of the Worldview Lab at Duke University.




Longitudinal Data Analysis Using R
Remote Seminar
Stephen Vaisey, Instructor
October 29-31

Treatment Effects Analysis
Remote Seminar
Stephen Vaisey, Instructor
November 12-14

Introduction to Mediation, Moderation, and
Conditional Process Analysis
On Demand
Andrew Hayes, Instructor
November 13-December 11

Directed Acyclic Graphs for Causal Inference
Remote Seminar
Felix Elwert, Instructor
November 19-21

Intensive Longitudinal Methods
Remote Seminar
Donald Hedeker, Instructor
November 19-21

Longitudinal Data Analysis Using Structural Equation Modeling
On Demand
Paul Allison, Instructor
November 30-December 28

Power Analysis and Sample Size Planning
Remote Seminar
Christopher Aberson, Instructor
December 3-5

Text As Data*
Remote Seminar
Brandon Stewart, Instructor
December 3-5


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Paul D. Allison, Ph.D., is President of Statistical Horizons and Emeritus Professor of the University of Pennsylvania. He has been offering short courses in statistics for over 30 years.