About Statistical Horizons

Located just outside Philadelphia, Statistical Horizons has established a reputation for providing outstanding training in statistics for researchers working in academia, business, non-profit organizations, and government.

Statistical Horizons provides public, two-day and five-day seminars that cover a wide range of topics in statistics, from introductory statistics (using R) to advanced topics like multilevel modeling. Many of our seminars are on topics that are often not included in graduate curricula, like missing data and propensity score methods. Trying to learn methods like these on your own can be a real challenge. Our seminars are designed to help busy professionals who want to learn the latest statistical methods in an efficient, effective and affordable way.

Our instructors are the best in the business. They are all well-known experts in their areas of interest, and they are also great teachers. They excel at making statistics interesting, comprehensible, and enjoyable, even for those without a heavy-duty math background. The majority of our seminars are conveniently located in downtown Philadelphia. But we also offer courses in New York, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, and Washington, DC.

Statistical Horizons was founded in 2005 by Paul D. Allison, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology at the University of Pennsylvania. Professor Allison first began teaching public short courses on Survival Analysis in 1988, and he has continued to offer that course every year since then. In 1996 he began offering a public course on Categorical Data Analysis. In 2002, he added Missing Data to the course roster. More recent additions include Longitudinal Data Analysis and Introduction to Structural Equation Modeling.

Statistical Horizons became a limited liability company in 2008. In 2011, the company offered its first course taught by another instructor: Data Mining by Robert Stine.

Our Team

Paul Allison

Linda Allison
Vice President

Ricki Kleinman
Vice President of Operations

Stephen Vaisey
Director of Code Horizons

Ashley Fontillas
Marketing and Operations Associate