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Wes Bonifay

Wes Bonifay, Ph.D., is Associate Professor of Statistics, Measurement, and Evaluation in Education at the University of Missouri and the Director of Measurement at the Missouri Prevention Science Institute.

Professor Bonifay earned his Ph.D. in Quantitative Psychology from the University of California, Los Angeles, where he was a predoctoral fellow in Advanced Quantitative Methodology in Education Research.

His research is concerned with the theoretical aspects of psychological and educational measurement, which he explores using advanced methodological tools such as structural equation modeling, factor analysis, and item response theory. His work has appeared in general psychological science journals such as Psychological Inquiry and Perspectives on Psychological Science, quantitative methodology journals such as Multivariate Behavioral Research, Behavior Research Methods, and Structural Equation Modeling, and applied outlets including Assessment, the Journal of School Psychology, and the Journal of Personality Assessment. A member of the National Council on Measurement of Education and the Psychometric Society, he is the author of Multidimensional Item Response Theory (2019, Sage Publishing), and serves on the editorial boards of Psychological Methods and Assessment.

Bonifay has been nominated for the University of Missouri Governor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching in recognition of his efforts to make complex statistical topics accessible to students with diverse backgrounds and skill sets. He teaches graduate-level courses on the Foundations of Educational Measurement, Advanced Psychological Measurement, Item Response Theory, and the Philosophy of Social Science Research Methods.

You can visit his university webpage here.

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