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Livestream Seminar

Latent Class Analysis

A 3-Day Livestream Seminar Taught by

Stephanie Lanza, Bethany Bray,
Course Dates: Ask about upcoming dates
Schedule: All sessions are held live via Zoom.

10:00am-2:00pm ET (New York time): Live lecture via Zoom
4:00pm-5:00pm ET: Live lab session via Zoom (Thursday and Friday only)

Latent class analysis (LCA) is an intuitive and rigorous tool for uncovering hidden subgroups in a population. It can be viewed as a special kind of structural equation modeling in which the latent variables are categorical rather than continuous. This seminar will give you the theoretical background and applied skills to address interesting research questions using LCA. You will also be introduced to latent transition analysis (LTA), a longitudinal extension of LCA.

Other topics include model identification, model selection, model interpretation, multiple-groups LCA, measurement invariance across groups, and LCA with covariates and distal outcomes. The seminar will combine lectures, software demonstrations, computer exercises, and discussion. There will be opportunities to discuss how LCA and LTA can be applied in your own research.

Starting February 3, we are offering this seminar as a 3-day synchronous*, livestream workshop. Each day will consist of a 4-hour live lecture held via the free video-conferencing software Zoom. You are encouraged to join the lecture live, but will have the opportunity to view the recorded session later in the day if you are unable to attend at the scheduled time.

Each day will include a hands-on exercise to be completed on your own after the lecture session is over. An additional lab session will be held Thursday and Friday afternoons, where you can review the exercise results with the instructor and ask any questions.

*We understand that scheduling is difficult during this unpredictable time. If you prefer, you may take all or part of the course asynchronously. The video recordings will be made available within 24 hours of each session and will be accessible for four weeks after the seminar, meaning that you will get all of the class content and discussions even if you cannot participate synchronously.

Closed captioning is available for all live and recorded sessions.


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"I liked the examples and interpretations of each output..."

“Really excellent class, Dr. Stephanie and Dr. Bethany! I learned so much in three days. Now, I am aware about the potential that LCA and LTA offer for my work. Dr. Stephanie and Dr. Bethany are very helpful, give us clear guidance, and take the time to respond to every question. I liked the examples and interpretations of each output. Thank you for your excellent lectures.”

Radhouene Doggui

Sherbrooke University 

"The instructors were very nice and knowledgeable..."

“I like this class. The instructors were very nice and knowledgeable. I am very happy to have them.”

Ying Jiang

Public Health Agency of Canada

".. I look forward to applying these methods to my research."

“This has been an excellent introduction to latent class analysis. Drs. Lanza and Bray are extremely knowledgeable and effective teachers. They appropriately covered basic concepts and linked them to more complex statistical approaches. I also benefited from the hands-on learning by practicing analyses with the statistical software. I look forward to applying these methods to my research.”

Kaylee Crockett

University of Alabama at Birmingham

"It’s an excellent course..."

“It’s an excellent course. The two teachers are very nice and everything is explained very clearly.”

Bobin Wang

Polytechnique Montréal

"The instructors created a very positive learning environment."

“This course provided me with ideas about my future research. The instructors created a very positive learning environment.”

Hannah Dong

B.C. Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS