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Missing Data Using R (for students) - Online Course

A 3-Day Livestream Seminar Taught by

Paul Allison
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Schedule: All sessions are held live via Zoom. All times are ET (New York time).

10:00am-12:30pm (convert to your local time)

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This seminar is intended to give students the opportunity to learn Missing Data from an expert instructor, Dr. Paul Allison, at a special price of $295 (email for the student discount code). Non-students are welcome to register at the regular rate of $995.

Based on Dr. Allison’s book Missing Data, this course covers the theory and practice of multiple imputation and maximum likelihood.

If you are you’re using conventional methods for handling missing data, you may be missing out. Conventional methods for missing data, like listwise deletion or regression imputation, are prone to three serious problems:

  • Inefficient use of the available information, leading to low power and Type II errors.
  • Biased estimates of standard errors, leading to incorrect p-values.
  • Biased parameter estimates, due to failure to adjust for selectivity in missing data.

More accurate and reliable results can be obtained with maximum likelihood or multiple imputation.

Although these newer methods for handling missing data have been around for more than two decades, they have only become practical with the introduction of widely available and user friendly software.

Starting March 2, we are offering this seminar as a 3-day synchronous*, livestream workshop held via the free video-conferencing software Zoom. Each day will consist of two lecture sessions, separated by a 1-hour break. Hands-on computing exercises will be assigned at the end of each day’s session and reviewed the next day. You are encouraged to join the lecture live, but will have the opportunity to view the recorded session later in the day if you are unable to attend at the scheduled time.

*We understand that finding time to participate in livestream courses can be difficult. If you prefer, you may take all or part of the course asynchronously. The video recordings will be made available within 24 hours of each session and will be accessible for four weeks after the seminar, meaning that you will get all of the class content and discussions even if you cannot participate synchronously. 

Closed captioning is available for all live and recorded sessions. Live captions can be translated to a variety of languages including Spanish, Korean, and Italian. For more information, click here.

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"I cannot recommend this course enough."

“This course made me more knowledgeable and confident in handling missing data. Prof. Paul Allison is a great instructor. He provides clear explanations of concepts and methods and even opines and provides guidance on the variety of available methods. I cannot recommend this course enough.” 

Aaron Crowley

Genesis Research

"Paul Allison really is an expert on missing data."

“Paul Allison really is an expert on missing data. For this reason, he was perfectly able to answer our questions (and there were many!) and give recommendations about which method to use under which circumstances. He also is a dedicated speaker, which made it easy to listen to him for the 14h of the course.” 

Dr. Martin Greisel

University of Augsburg, Germany

"This is an excellent class that will provide you with hands-on knowledge..."

“This is an excellent class that will provide you with hands-on knowledge in applying missing-data methods, particularly in regression analysis.  After finishing the class, you will understand how to implement all of the major methods using contemporary software, along with the assumptions being made for each method.”

Terry Kissinger


"...the rather complex issues with missing data have become much clearer to me..."

“Thanks to this interactive online course, the rather complex issues with missing data have become much clearer to me – both from a theoretical and practical point of view. The class was a perfect combination of lectures, practice, reading suggestions, and time to ask questions. Paul Allison is an expert on the topic and an excellent teacher. I highly recommend his course to anyone who deals with surveys on a regular basis. It’s fun to participate and you will definitely learn a lot!”

Maria Hagl

IDEX, Université Grenoble Alpes

"Great instructor and an excellent course..."

“Great instructor and an excellent course which was not rushed. Very useful. For me personally, sitting on the other side of the world (Australia) and having access to this excellent course is superb. While I cannot attend most of the course in real-time because of time-zone differences, I am still playing back the Zoom videos and taking notes.”

Siva Namachivayam

Royal children's Hospital Melbourne

"I now feel prepared to tackle the analysis I’ve been avoiding after this course..."

“I’ve been struggling with how to deal with missing data in an analysis and have been putting off that analysis because of this. I had some missing data techniques training in grad school, but it was super helpful to have an in-depth review of strategies for handling missing data in this short course. I now feel prepared to tackle the analysis I’ve been avoiding after this course, especially how to handle categorical variables and interactions. I highly recommend this course!”

Sylvia Badon

Kaiser Permanente

"...running the code live and going through the output was very helpful."

“The sessions were well structured and the exercises in the lectures and labs tied nicely with the lesson. In particular, running the code live and going through the output was very helpful.”

K Gordon

Yale University