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Livestream Seminar

Analysis of Complex Survey Data

A 3-Day Livestream Seminar Taught by

Brady West
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10:00am-2:00pm ET (New York time): Live lecture via Zoom
4:00pm-5:00pm ET: Live lab session via Zoom (Thursday and Friday only)

Standard courses on statistical analysis assume that survey data are collected from a simple random sample of the target population. Little attention is given to design features of the survey, including unequal probabilities of observation and stratified multistage sampling.

Most software procedures commonly used for data analysis in statistical software packages, such as SAS, SPSS, and Stata, do not allow the analyst to take these properties of survey data into account. Failure to do so can have an important impact on estimation and population inference for all types of analyses, ranging from simple descriptive statistics to multivariable regression models.

This seminar provides a practical introduction to statistical methods for the analysis of complex sample survey data. Such data typically include weights that adjust for differences in probability of selection, differences in subgroup response rates, stratification, and clustering, often in multiple stages.

Starting May 5, we are offering this seminar as a 3-day synchronous*, livestream workshop. Each day will consist of a 4-hour live lecture held via the free video-conferencing software Zoom. You are encouraged to join the lecture live, but will have the opportunity to view the recorded session later in the day if you are unable to attend at the scheduled time.

Each day will include a hands-on exercise to be completed on your own after the lecture session is over. An additional lab session will be held Thursday and Friday afternoons, where you can review the exercise results with the instructor and ask any questions.

*We understand that scheduling is difficult during this unpredictable time. If you prefer, you may take all or part of the course asynchronously. The video recordings will be made available within 24 hours of each session and will be accessible for four weeks after the seminar, meaning that you will get all of the class content and discussions even if you cannot participate synchronously.

Closed captioning is available for all live and recorded sessions.

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"Brady West is an excellent teacher."

“This was an excellent course. Very well done. The topics selected were appropriate, the quality of the instruction was high, the references were very good. Brady West is an excellent teacher. He presented complex issues in a clear and understandable way. Highly recommended course for empirical analysts.”

Gustavo Angeles

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

"I learned more in this 3 day course than in any of my other stats courses.”

“Brady is an excellent instructor. It was very useful for me how he repeats the idea a couple of times for clarity, without sounding repetitive or being distracting. I learned more in this 3 day course than in any of my other stats courses.”

Margarita Correa-Mendez


"...Dr. West was very knowledgeable..."

“I thought that Dr. West was very knowledgeable about the subject area. He was able to answer all our questions and provide us with additional resources.”

Naomi Greene

National Cancer Institute, NIH

"Brady West was a fantastic teacher..."

“The practical statistical examples in the software packages were super helpful. The instructor, Brady West, was a fantastic teacher and took the time to answer everyone’s questions in great detail. I would take another one of his classes in a heartbeat!”

Caleb Milliken

University of Michigan

"I have learned a lot..."

“I appreciated that there was a lot of room to ask questions. It was also great to hear other people’s issues, as they often relate to your own. I have learned a lot and would certainly recommend.”

Margo van Gurp

KIT Royal Tropical Institute