Statistics with Stata

A 2-Day Seminar
Taught by Peter Groeneveld, M.D., M.S. 

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With its user-friendly interface and extraordinary analytical and graphical abilities, Stata is the preferred statistical analysis tool for large numbers of data analysts in economics, statistics, sociology, education, and biomedicine, as well as in the business domains of finance, consulting, investment management, and marketing. Stata empowers users to engage their data in an extremely hands-on and interactive manner, without the need to devote extensive time and effort to programming.  A world-wide online network of Stata users provides a rich community of support as well as thousands of helpful “add-on” commands that can customize the Stata interface and extend its capabilities. Stata is extremely versatile software that is a valuable addition to any analyst’s toolbox.

This two-day seminar will provide a comprehensive introduction to Stata software, covering Stata’s data management, graphics, data analysis, and statistical modeling capabilities.  Participants will develop facility with Stata’s data manipulation commands, its wide array of graphical tools for exploring data, and the implementation of frequently used statistical tests and regression models in the Stata environment.

Attendees will learn how to use Stata to perform continuous and categorical data comparisons, analysis of variance, and regression analysis including multivariable linear and logistic regression.  The seminar will teach participants how to interpret and customize Stata’s numerical and graphical output and how to incorporate these results directly into research reports.  Participants completing the seminar will have gained the ability to confidently use Stata to organize and analyze data.

Who should attend?

The course will benefit researchers, analysts, and students interested in identifying and mastering a statistical software package for analysis of simple and complex data. Current users of alternative software packages (e.g., SAS, R, SPSS) who are interested in extending their arsenal of statistical software tools to include Stata will also find it particularly useful. The seminar generally will appeal to those who seek an accelerated and in-depth introduction to a powerful, popular, and flexible statistical software package.

The course will intently focus on developing mastery of software rather than on teaching statistical principles. Hence, familiarity with statistical concepts at the first-year undergraduate level, including topics such as basic probability distributions, hypothesis testing, t tests, chi-square tests, ANOVA, and ordinary-least-squares regression will be assumed. While prior exposure to statistical software may be useful, no prior experience with Stata or any other statistical package is required. 

Location, format, materials

The course will meet on Friday, May 9, and Saturday, May 10, at Temple University Center City, 1515 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA. Participants receive a bound manual containing detailed lecture notes with equations and graphics, “screen shots,” examples of Stata output, and many other useful features.  The book will greatly facilitate note-taking, comprehension, and retention of key concepts.


Stata is licensed through StataCorp ( and is frequently offered at a significant discount through academic institutions to their employees and students.  Seminar participants are strongly advised to bring a laptop computer with Stata (release 13; IC, SE, or MP versions all acceptable) installed.  Seminar participants who are not yet ready to purchase Stata could take advantage of StataCorp’s 30-day software return policy and obtain Stata 13 on a trial basis in the weeks immediately preceding this course.  Stata also has a 30-day trial-license “share” policy permitting current license-holders to share a trial copy:

Registration and Lodging

The fee of $895 includes all course materials.  

Lodging Reservation Instructions
A block of guest rooms has been reserved at the Club Quarters Hotel, 1628 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA at a special rate of $142 for a standard room per night. This location is a short walk to the seminar location. In order to make reservations, call 203-905-2100 during business hours and identify yourself with Statistical Horizons and using group code STA507. For guaranteed rate and availability, you must reserve your room no later than April 7, 2014.

Course outline

1. Introduction to the Stata environment

2. Data manipulation using Stata

3. Descriptive statistical analysis and graphics

4. Probability distributions in statistics

5. Analysis of continuous data: hypothesis testing and confidence intervals

6. Analysis of categorical data

7. Analysis of variance

8. Correlation and regression – the simple linear regression model and model diagnostics

9. Multivariable regression with continuous response variables

10. Multivariable regression with discrete response variables: logistic regression and the generalized linear model

Comments by Recent Participants

“Pete Groeneveld is an excellent and knowledgeable instructor. He teaches the course in a way that you will be able to use Stata after only two days of training.”
  Laura Micu, NERA Economic Consulting

“As someone with limited experience with Stata, this course served as both a great refresher and introduction to the software’s capabilities. For such a robust statistical program, the course covered a lot of material for the duration of the course, and presented it in a very digestible way for Stata newcomers.”
  John Cosgrove, University of Maryland

“This course helped to clarify the many functions that Stata is capable of and to introduce functions that I was not previously aware of. Overall it was a very beneficial seminar that will save me valuable time when performing analyses. Thank you!”
  Maria Vasquez, University of Mass-Dartmouth

“I really enjoyed this class. I was very impressed by Peter Groeneveld’s incredible energy level, depth of knowledge, and passion for the seminars. He was well prepared and very kind to all the participants.  I recommend this class to everyone who wants to learn Stata. Because although I have been using Stata for the last 10 years (!), I can say confidently that I learned so much in these two days. Thanks Pete.”
  Hyeouk Chris Hahm, Boston University

“The breadth and the depth the instructor exposed us to in this two day workshop make many statistical concepts and regression models come alive in our hands.”