Statistical Horizons offers a rotating schedule of over 30 different seminars. If you are interested in any of the seminars below and would like additional information, please email  All of these seminars can be brought on site.  

past and present Seminars include:

Applied Bayesian Data Analysis

Causal Inference with Directed Graphs

Causal Mediation Analysis

Data Visualization

Experimental Methods

Finite Mixture Modeling

Instrumental Variables

Intensive Longitudinal Methods

Introduction to Social Network Analysis

Introduction to Structural Equation Modeling

Item Response Theory

Latent Class Analysis

Latent Growth Curve Modeling

Linear Regression

Logistic Regression

Longitudinal Data Analysis Using R

Longitudinal Data Analysis Using SAS

Longitudinal Data Analysis Using Stata

Longitudinal Data Analysis Using SEM

Machine Learning

Matching and Weighting for Causal Inference with R

Mediation, Moderation, and Conditional Process Analysis


Missing Data

Multilevel and Mixed Models

Multilevel and Mixed Models Using R

Multilevel Modeling

Multilevel Modeling of Non-Normal Data

Multilevel Modeling: A Second Course

Multilevel Structural Equation Modeling

Propensity Score Analysis

Scale Construction and Development

Statistics with R

Structural Equation Modeling

Structural Equation Modeling: A Second Course

Survival Analysis

Text as Data

Treatment Effects Analysis