Event History & Survival Analysis
July 2015

For Registrants: Here are materials and information that will help you prepare for the course.


Time and Place
The first session will begin at 9:00 a.m.on Monday, July 13, in the Geneva Room at the Hub Commerce Square, 2001 Market St., Philadelphia, PA. Upon entering the building, look for THE HUB security desk. You will be directed to the elevator for the second floor. The class will start promptly, so plan to arrive 10-15 minutes earlier to check in and get organized. Class will end around 5 p.m. each day. There will be a 1 hour lunch break each day around noon.

Parking. We recommend using public transportation. The HUB Commerce Square is located 4 blocks from Suburban Station. AMTRAK passengers arriving at 30th Street Station may take any of the regional (SEPTA) rail lines from the station to the next stop at Suburban Station. Walking directions from Suburban Station to the HUB Commerce Square can be found here. Parking information can be found here.

Stata and R Notes. If you would like a copy of the Stata or R version of the course notes (in addition to the SAS handout), please let us know by sending an email to mary@statisticalhorizons.com as soon as possible (and no later than Tuesday, July 7).

Laptops. This is a hands-on course with at least one hour each day devoted to carefully structured and supervised assignments.  Additional time is available for exploring other sample data sets. Or you can bring your own data and try out new techniques as you learn them. To do the exercises, you will need to bring your own laptop computer with SAS (or Stata) installed.  Power outlets and Wifi will be provided at each seat. Please note, adaptors for non-U.S. power cords will not be provided. Outlets are compatible with a two-pronged (preferably with a third, “grounding” prong) electric converter for use in the United States (100-250 V; 50/60 Hz).  

There is now a free version of SAS, called the SAS University Edition, that is available to anyone. It has everything needed to run the exercises in this course, and it will run on Windows, Mac or Linux computers. However, you do need a 64-bit machine with at least 1 GB of RAM. You also have to download and install virtualization software that is available free from third-party vendors. The SAS Studio interface runs in your browser, but you do not have to be connected to the Internet. The download and installation are a bit complicated, but well worth the time and effort.  

For Stata users, release 13; IC, SE, or MP versions are all acceptable. Stata 12 is OK, but earlier versions of Stata will lack some of the functionality demonstrated in the seminar.  Participants who are not yet ready to purchase Stata could take advantage of StataCorp’s 30-day free trial offer (www.stata.com/customer-service/evaluate-stata). If you prefer, you can use SAS (9.2 or later) for the exercises.

Data. Prior to you arrival, download the 7 data sets listed below. They can be found under Resources->Data Sets on this website. Each file is available as both a SAS data set and a Stata data set. These data sets will be used as examples in class and for the exercises. We recommend that they be stored on your computer in a separate folder (directory). For ease of access, SAS users should declare this folder to be a SAS library. 


SAS users should also download a macro called LIFEHAZ for use in the exercises. Again, this can be found on the Statistical Horizons website under Resources->SAS Macros. For best results, right-click on the download link, and choose “save link as” or “save target as”.   

You are welcome to bring your own data to try out the methods presented in class.  For optimal results, any data should be in the form of  SAS data sets stored on a flash drive.  Even if you aren’t bringing data sets, we recommend that you bring a flash drive to store programs and output.  

Materials. You’ll get a free copy of the Professor Allison’s book, Survival Analysis Using SAS® (second edition). You’ll also receive a bound manual containing detailed lecture notes (with equations and graphics), examples of computer printout, and many other useful features. This book frees participants from the distracting task of notetaking.

A password protected version of the SAS lecture notes can be found here. 

Food. Coffee, tea, and soda will be served. For lunch, there are many restaurants in the immediate area. There are several places that offer a variety of options:

Pagano’s Market & Bar
2 Commerce Square
2001 Market Street

Coventry Deli
2000 Market Street

Comcast Center Market
1701 John F. Kennedy Boulevard

If you need additional information, please give us a call (610-642-1941) or send an e-mail message to mary@statisticalhorizons.com.