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Tenko Raykov

Tenko Raykov, Ph.D., is Professor of Measurement and Quantitative Methods at Michigan State University.

His research spans a variety of areas with many practical applications, including latent variable and structural equation modeling, measurement and scale construction and development, multilevel modeling, longitudinal data modeling, analysis of incomplete data sets (missing data), latent class analysis (finite mixture analysis), survival and duration analysis, as well as item response theory and modeling. Recent projects include methods for reliability and validity estimation, examining population heterogeneity, survival analysis, missing data analysis, longitudinal modeling, model fit assessment, and measurement invariance.

Professor Raykov has published more than 100 peer-reviewed articles in numerous academic journals, including Structural Equation Modeling, British Journal of Mathematical and Statistical Psychology, Multivariate Behavioral Research, Applied Psychological Measurement, Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics, and Educational and Psychological Measurement. He has also written several textbooks (with G. A. Marcoulides): A First Course in Structural Equation Modeling (2006), An Introduction to Applied Multivariate Analysis (2008), Introduction to Psychometric Theory (2011), Basic Statistics: An Introduction with R (2012), and A Course in Item Response Theory and Modeling With Stata (2018).

At Michigan State, he has been teaching courses in multilevel modeling, structural equation and latent variable modeling, psychometric theory (behavioral and social science measurement), univariate and multivariate statistics, item response theory, as well as units on missing data analysis, survival analysis, latent class analysis, and statistical software (statistics with Stata and with R).

You can visit his personal webpage here.

Dr. Raykov’s books can be found below:

A Course in Item Response Theory and Modeling With Stata (2018)

Basic Statistics: An Introduction with R (2012)

Introduction to Psychometric Theory (2011)

An Introduction to Applied Multivariate Analysis (2008)

A First Course in Structural Equation Modeling (Second Edition) (2006)

Tenko's Seminars

Item Response Theory

Behavioral, social, educational, biomedical, business, and marketing scientists are frequently involved in the evaluation, development, and revision of multiple-component measuring instruments, such as tests, scales, inventories, questionnaires, surveys, self-reports, testlets, subscales, etc. Scores obtained from them are often employed in...

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